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Multiple Target Texts by Category

SEEL Target Texts

Let’s Get Fit

I want to be fit!
I can’t just sit and get fit. 
I must get up and work at it.
I can sit on a mat and do sit-ups.
I will not quit till I do ten sit ups.
Ten is a lot, but I want to be fit.
I did it! 
It is fun to get fit!    

Make a Tower of Tops

Let’s make a tower of tops.
Put a top on top of a top.
Put a top on top of another top.
Top a top with a top.
Top that top with a top.
Tops on top of tops.
Will the tower of tops tip over?
Tap the tops and the tops will tip over.

A Woman Gets Pancakes

A woman took a nap.  
She got up and got out of bed.
And she wanted pancakes.
The woman got a pan.
She got milk, butter, eggs, and flour.
She went to get syrup.
But her cat and dog got into the food.
The woman did not get to make pancakes.
The woman smelled pancakes. 
So she went to see the man who was making pancakes.
The man let the woman eat his pancakes.
And the woman got pancakes.
Did the man get mad when the woman ate all his pancakes?  

Slap on a Cap

Look, a man without a cap!   
He does not have a cap.
Let’s slap a cap on top of his head.
Slap a cap on top of the man and give the cap a tap.
Slap a cap on the man and tap the cap.
Give a little slap and a little tap.
Slap and tap a lot of caps on top of the man’s head.
The man has a stack of caps!
The man puts the caps in his lap and takes a nap.  

A Man with a Cap Naps

The man with a cap is taking a nap.
Let’s slap caps on the man’s lap and give the caps a tap.
Slap a lot of caps on the man’s lap.
Caps stack up on the man’s lap.
Lots of caps stack up on the man’s lap.
Lots and lots of caps!
And the man naps and naps.


Scat, Cat!

A cat!
A cat got under my shed.
Cat, scat!
Get! Get away!
I do not like cats.
I do not want a cat.
But the cat likes me.
Mom, do you like cats?
Dad, do you like cats?
Mom and dad do not like cats.
Run! Go! Get away! Can you?
But the cat likes me!
You are not a bad cat.
You are a sad cat.
You want a home.
And you like me! 
And I do like you.
It can be fun to have a pet cat.

Let a Fish Swim in a Dish

I wish for a dish.
I wish for a fish.
I wish for a fish in a dish.
I let the fish get in my dish.
I put the fish in my dish.
I will let the fish swish in my dish.
I will let the fish swim in my dish.
Swish, fish, swish!
Swim, fish, swim!
Swim and swish in my dish!
I let the fish swish and swim in my dish.

A Stick and a Twig

stick graphic
Pick up a stick.

Pick up a twig.
Is a twig a stick?

Is a stick a twig?
A twig is a stick.

But a twig is a stick that is not big.

A twig can not be big.
A stick is like a twig.

But a stick is big.

A stick is thick.

A stick is bigger than a twig.


A Pig Can Eat a Twig

stick graphic
A pig eats lots of things.

A pig can eat a twig!

But a pig can not eat a stick.

A stick is too big.

A stick is too thick.

A stick could make the pig sick!

A pig can eat a twig.

But no sticks, pig!


Come In and Sit a Bit

Ding Dong! A dog! A dog is here.
Come in, dog.
Come in and sit a bit.
Ding dong! A cat! Come in!
Cat, come in, cat, and sit a bit.
A dog! Come in, dog, and sit a bit.
A cat! Come in!
Come in and sit a bit.
Come in and sit.
Do the dogs and cats fit?  
Let them sit and have a snack.