Building Social Skills With Books is a research project under the direction of The David O. McKay School of Education's Counseling Psychology and Special Education Department at Brigham Young University. The project currently works with local elementary schools to teach social and emotional learning through children's literature and corresponding activities. Each lesson plan includes a book, discussion topics, and lessons for teachers to use in school classrooms and with small groups of students. This project is led by Dr. Melissa Allen Heath who oversees BYU students as they assist with researching social and emotional learning ideas and creating lessons to teach specific social skills.

Student Research Assistants

  • Sara Smoot
  • Catherine Summers
  • Michael Chavarria
  • Shuan Chavarria
  • Afton Phillbrick
  • Cameron Lindermann
  • Camden Stein
  • Haliaka Kama
  • Karli Miller
  • Katie Smith

Contact Information

340K MCKB, Provo UT 84602
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