Instructions for virtual sessions:

  1. Sign up for a virtual session via this link:
  2. Attend your session on November 4th at the specified time by following the link sent to your email or by clicking on the link above.

Note: Sessions marked "Hybrid" are intended only for students NOT on BYU Provo campus, while "Virtual-Only" sessions are for all students.


In-Person and Virtual

  • National Security Agency | Time - 2:30 | Join the Zoom Room
    NSA Utah Headquarters (formerly known as the Utah Data Center) is a state-of the-art High Performance Computing (HPC) center. This Tier 3 facility offers technical power for cutting edge cryptanalytic systems and 100k sq. ft. of unobstructed machine room space. The UDC delivers maximum flexibility and stability for current and future HPC mission requirements. The team operates and maintains the Data Center for the NSA/CSS Technology Directorate to prosecute computing priority targets as defined by NSA/CSS, DoD, and ODNI, under the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative. UDC’s high availability mandate is achieved through effective mission, facility, and security management and in collaboration with the NSA/SS Technology, Installation & Logistics, and Security mission elements.
    NSA’s Utah National Guard location is a joint civilian and National Guard operations center that performs language analysis, reporting, target development, tipping and tasking in support of top tier missions. Virtually teamed with production centers across the IC and operates a robust deployment program to support other global operations.

  • US Translation Company | Time - 3:00 | Join the Zoom Room
    US Translation Company has been providing customers around the globe with quality translation and interpretation services for over 25 years.

  • Cirque | Time - 3:00 | Join the Zoom Room
    In an industry where collaboration brings innovation into existence, Cirque is at the forefront of building great partnerships with the world's leading tech companies. Cirque understands our customers goals of creating ultimate user experiences for their end users which empowers them to do more. Unlike other suppliers Cirque has the advantage of working on small to large projects that combine all aspects of the design with the focus of incubation to the product maturity and success. Cirque continues to push the innovation envelope today by providing customers with both custom and standardized solutions for notebook touchpads, VR gaming accessories, secure point of sales touch screens, and proximity sensing capabilities.

  • International Language Program | Time - 3:30 | Join the Zoom Room
    International Language Programs is a non-profit organization that sends volunteers all over the world to teach English to children. We offer young adults the chance to explore the world while doing some good at the same time! In recent years we started our paid teaching program, which sends those with Bachelor's degrees to Taiwan and Thailand to teach English.

  • Mountaire Farms | Time - 4:00 | Join the Zoom Room
    Mountaire® is a registered trademark of Mountaire Corporation. Mountaire Corporation and its two operating affiliates, Mountaire Farms Inc. and Mountaire Farms of Delaware, Inc. (collectively, “Mountaire Farms” or “Mountaire”), are agricultural food production and processing companies providing work for almost 10,000 people at facilities in Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. Now one of the largest chicken companies in North America, we are still family owned and remain dedicated to giving back to the communities where we do business.
    Currently more than 16% of our total production is sold to more than 60 countries outside the United States. With the recent trend of rapid economic growth in many developing countries we are forecasting continued expansion in this business sector in the coming years. We are currently looking for someone to join our team who is growth-minded, detail-oriented, and has a desire to learn and operate within the complexity of the international business world. The incumbent will be responsible for managing the company’s most profitable product segment in various countries (focusing primarily on China and other East Asian countries), maintaining existing high-value partnerships, establishing new strategic accounts, and ensuring a smooth export process to drive bottom-line results. During the first two years of employment, the incumbent will gain the needed expertise in the industry, receive a hands-on education of the company’s products and processes, and support critical export functions. This position is ideal for someone who is looking to launch their career in global business management, utilize/develop their Chinese language skill, and learn the complexities associated with international trade and exports.

  • IDFL Laboratory and Institute | Time - 4:30 | Join the Zoom Room
    IDFL is the global leader in auditing and testing for filled textiles. Founded in 1978 in Salt Lake City, IDFL is the largest filled-textile laboratory in the world. IDFL has offices in Salt Lake City, Switzerland, China, Taipei, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.