Bridges is a research-practice network for mental health practitioners, researchers, educators, and students who seek to bring spiritually oriented psychotherapies into the healthcare mainstream. Members collaborate in advancing practice, research, scholarship, and training in this domain.

  • We are a community of helpers, healers, and learners.
  • We are devoted to discovering and sharing powerful approaches for promoting psychological and spiritual healing and health.
  • We reach out to touch minds and hearts in meaningful ways.
  • We work together to spread light and truth to our clients and all of the human family.

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1.8 Million in Grant Money

The Enhancing Practice-Based Evidence for Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapies international grant competition will award approximately 1.8 million dollars in grant money over a three-year period. The competition will award grants for research projects that use practice-based evidence research designs that monitor treatment processes and outcomes of spiritually integrated treatment approaches.