The number of teaching assistants and paraeducators working in schools is increasing. Today's classrooms are staffed not only by certified teachers, but also by other adults who may or may not have been formally trained as educators.

Paraeducator in the classroom

Paraeducator Support

Learn facts about TAs and paraeducators in English-speaking countries. Get new ideas on teamwork to build relationships with teachers and supervisors, and explore legal, ethical, and propriety issues.

A paraeducator's classroom

Student Learning Support

Everything a teaching assistant or paraeducator does in the classroom is to support teachers teaching and students learning. Research-based tips and tools have been shown to be effective.

A disabled child and her teaching assistant

Disabilities & Syndromes

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) lists 13 disability categories under which 3- through 21-year-olds may receive special education. This site provides helpful information about these disabilities and more.