This is the only International website dedicated to Teaching Assistants and Paraeducators.

Paraeducators and Teaching Assistants in different countries use different words for the same things, and our spellings may be a little different, but the issues regarding TAs and paraeducators are vastly similar.

This International website offers learning opportunities on topics related to a TA or paraeducator’s job. Learn about how to support learning for all children, including those with disabilities and special education/special needs.

You can find important information on how to team effectively with the teacher, ideas on how to work with students with behavioral difficulties, and much more.

Who are we?

We are people who support teaching assistants and paraeducators. We care about the employment, training, and supervision of paraeducators.


This website gives tips, tidbits, and training for paraeducators and teaching assistants. You can share your great ideas with others, too. Know what other teaching assistants and paraeducators are doing.


This is an International website dedicated to all teaching assistants and paraeducators in the English-speaking world


Training is often unavailable. We want to make it available to everyone who wants and needs training support. All paraeducators and Teaching assistants can improve for the benefit of students in the schools.