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The Seek Learning podcast brings the best educational research from the McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University into the homes and lives of Latter-day Saints. Each episode features an interview with a different scholar to learn about education and how it can help Latter-day Saints in their professions, homes, and gospel living. The podcast is sponsored by the BYU Latter-day Saint Educators Society.

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"A Most Important Focus for Educators"

Episode 27

David Boren, PhD - Assistant Clinical Professor, Education Leadership & Foundations, Brigham Young University

"I realized, these are God's children in this class, these 25 to 30 kiddos. And their unique situations and challenges...they were His long before they were mine. And He cares deeply about them. So I will partner with Him, and rely on Him."


"Dynamic Materials Create Learning Opportunities for All"

Episode 26

Royce Kimmons, PhD - Associate Professor, Instructional Psychology and Technology, Brigham Young University

"This idea of continuous improvement means when we create a resource, we don't just publish it once and then walk away. But rather, we view these materials as dynamic and living things that should be constantly updated and constantly improved."


"Connected Conversations Create Equity in the Classroom"

Episode 25

Bryant Jensen, PhD - Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation, Brigham Young University

 “Encouraging students to respond to one another’s ideas and allowing unsolicited questions; these are the sorts of things that teachers can do to have conversations that are more connected.”


"Look Beyond the Grade and Toward the Experience"

Episode 24

David Waddell, MA - Director, Office of Experiential Learning, Brigham Young University

"That's one of the problems with the way we teach. We teach a subject. We don't teach how to view the world, or to affect the world, or to solve problems in the world, through a subject. And that's the beauty of experiential learning."


"Engage Children by Getting Out of the Way"

Episode 23

Damon L. Bahr, EdD - Associate Professor, Teacher Education, Brigham Young University

"The Supreme Court said in 1962, we can't teach about God in America's public schools. But they didn't say we couldn't teach in God's way. When we're teaching in His way, the lives of people change, whether they're a nine-year-old or a five-year-old in kindergarten. It's amazing to watch children's lives change or adults lives change when we teach in His way."