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The Seek Learning podcast brings the best educational research from the McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University into the homes and lives of Latter-day Saints. Each episode features an interview with a different scholar to learn about education and how it can help Latter-day Saints in their professions, homes, and gospel living. The podcast is sponsored by the BYU Latter-day Saint Educators Society.

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Air Conditioning, Hong Kong, Conversion, and BYU

Episode 12

Peter Chan, PhD - Adjunct Professor, Instructional Psychology & Technology, Brigham Young University

“Before I joined the Church, I was a very bad student. I didn't study. I wasn't interested in schooling. . . .But then I joined the church, and that totally changed me. . . .From a near school dropout, to today. I have lectured in many places, international conferences, and even some prestigious universities. If I go back to my high school [in China], and tell my teachers what I'm doing now, I don't think they will believe it.”



A Story Junkie’s Take on Children’s Literature and Fiction

Episode 11

Rachel Wadham, MA - Education and Juvenile Collections Librarian, Senior Librarian, Brigham Young University

“I truly believe that children's literature, and particularly children's fiction, and all of that type of thing that encompasses story, is really important to an educational experience. . . . If we all think about how we learn and how we learn best, we can connect that to story.”



Karl G. Maeser - Spiritual Architect of BYU

Episode 10

A. LeGrand “Buddy” Richards, PhD - Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Foundations, Brigham Young University

“I think he would probably talk to [today’s] teachers and say, ‘Don't be so wrapped up in the world's way of doing things...keep your perspective right. You've got the promises of eternity.'”  




Episode 09

Jason McDonald, PhD - Associate Teaching Professor, Instructional Psychology and Technology, Brigham Young University

“There are a lot of problems that we can address through creative habits and creative dispositions, but ultimately, we have a heritage, I think, as children of a very creative God. And there is something that unlocks inside of us when we exercise that creativity.” 



Weaving the Arts in Education

Episode 08

Corinna Peterken, PhD - Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, Brigham Young University

“As a teacher of young children, I can use the arts to add depth to their inquiries and explorations. And I can also see and assess more fully what they know and learn together.”