Students in the David O. McKay School of Education are encouraged to seek out and apply for awards and grants. Below are awards that can be applied for directly by students. For more information about BYU grants and awards that faculty can apply for on behalf of students, please see

BYU Student Awards and Grants

McKay School Experiential Learning Grants

(Faculty application required) can pay undergraduate student wages and/or travel scholarships for project related travel. Applications for projects lasting up to one year are accepted from faculty in November, March, and July.

  • Participating Student Reflection Survey is required within 30 days of completion of your grant supported experiential activity.
  • Students can present their research at the MSE Mentored Research and Experiential Learning Conference held each spring. Awards are presented to the top posters presented for judging (optional - additional registration required).

BYU Graduate Studies (Graduate Students)

Harold B. Lee Library (Undergraduate or Graduate Students)

Up to $1,500 each year. Submission deadline is September 30. Professor or librarian mentorship required.

Marriott School of Business Ballard Center

Competitions and Challenges

External Student Awards and Grants

American Educational Research Association

Fulbrigh US Student Program

  • The program provides grants for individually designed study/research projects or English teaching assistant programs.
  • Available for recent graduates;master's and doctoral candidates; and young professionals with up to five years of study and/or experience in their field.
  • For more information, contact Kristen Kellems, BYU’s Fulbright campus representative, at

Phi Kappa Phi

All students are encouraged to present their scholarly work at professional conferences.

Updated 1/11/2018