Bright Brass Brads

Bright Brass Brads
Target text


Read, write, and identify words beginning with the /br/ blend.


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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • bracelet
  • brad
  • brilliant
  • bright
  • brass
  • brush
  • brown


  • Brass brads (one for each child)
  • Paper strips for bracelets
  • Graphic of bottom part of a broom, cut out of cardstock or paper
  • Broomstick cut out of cardstock or an old file folder
  • Real brush or brush graphic 

State and Model the Objective
The children will use a brad to fix a broken broom and will read and write words that begin with /br/, such as broom, broken, brad, bristles, brush, and breeze.
Literacy Activities
Bring brads to fix a broken bracelet

  • Write the words brad, broken, brown, bracelet, and broom on the board.
  • Underline the br at the beginning of br words and produce the /br/ sounds.
  • Tell the children that the word brad is a metal clip used to connect things.
  • Show brads in a little container filled to the brim.
  • Brag about the brads you brought.
  • Describe the brads: bright, brilliant, brass, and used to fix broken things.
  • Use brads to put parts of a broken bracelet (brown paper strips) together.
  • Say, “bravo!” when the children use a brad to fix a broken bracelet.

Use a brad to fix a broken broom

  • Show the graphic of the bottom part of a broom.
  • Make bristles on the broom by cutting on the dotted lines.
  • Show the broomstick (e.g., handle cut from cardstock or a file folder).
  • Comment on needing a brad to fix the broken broom.
  • Fix the broken broom with a brad.

Make a brush

  • Show the graphic of a brush or cut out the outline of a brush.
  • Let the children make bristles for the brush by cutting lines in the brush.
  • Use the brush to brush a bracelet.
  • Brush with brisk strokes.
  • Let the children make a breeze as they brush briskly with the brush.
  • Let the children briefly brush brown things and bracelets.

More Practice
Write and read target words

  • Let the children write words that begin with /br/: brad, brass, brag, bring, brake, brace, brush, broke, brave, brim.
  • Have the children take turns reading the words with a partner.

Write the initial cluster (br-) in front of word endings

  • Write ___ad (brad); ___ush (brush); ___ag (brag); ___im (brim); etc. on the board and invite children to write the br in front of the words.
  • Read the words aloud together.
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