hand with sand

Hand with Sand

Hand with Sand
Target text


Read, write, and identify words ending in the /nd/ blend.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • hand
  • sand
  • stand
  • grand
  • bend
  • lend


  • Sand and glue (or markers)
  • Word blending cards 
  • A Hand with Sand target text
  • A Paper Hand target text

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will make a sand hand while they read and write words that end with –nd such as band, grand, hand, land, sand, stand, and bend.

Literacy Activities
Make a sand hand

  • Have the children trace their hands on a piece of paper.
  • Put a little glue on the paper hands and sprinkle sand on the hand, or have the children color the hands to look like they have sand on them.

Make your sand hand stand

  • Have the children use their sand hand to do different actions like bend to wave or flip over to do a handstand.
  • Have the children pretend to send the sand hand to a friend in the mail or lend the sand hand to another friend.
  • Pretend to mend a torn sand hand.

Read words on an hand

  • Have the children trace their hands again, but this time have them write different words ending with the –nd blend (e.g., hand, sand, stand, bend, lend, mend) on the palm of the paper hands.
  • Hold the paper hands on a stand and let the children read the words on each hand.

More Practice
Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • With word blending cards, have the children make new words by changing the vowel or the initial consonant:
    • Change the initial consonant: hand --> sand; band --> land; bend --> lend; send --> mend
    • Change the vowel: sand --> send; land --> lend; band --> bond
  • Read target words in texts 
  • Engage the children in reading the text A Hand with Sand together as a class/group.
  • Read the text again fading support.
  • Ask the children to look for words with the final blend –nd as you read the text together.
  • Have the children make a list of the words that end with –nd in the text.
  • Repeat with the text A Paper Hand.

Write about the activity using target words/patterns

  • Give each child a paper and pencil and let them write about the activities with the sand hands and paper hands. Have them include some of these words: sand, hand, stand, lend, mend, or bend.
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SEEL Target Texts

A Hand with Sand

I fell doing a hand stand.
Where did I land?
… in some sand.
Now look at my hand!
There is sand on my hand!
It is not grand to have sand on my hand.
I brush off the sand and let it land back in the sand.

A Paper Hand

I can do lots of things with a paper hand.
I can put sand on the hand.
I can make the hand do a hand stand.
I can write the word “and” on the hand.
I can mend the paper hand when it tears.
I can bend the hand to wave it.
I can send or lend the hand to a friend.
I can do lots of things with a paper hand.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.