Bank with a Crank


Read, write, and identify words ending in the /nk/ blend.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • crank
  • bank
  • clank
  • sank
  • sink


  • Objects or pictures of objects with a crank (e.g., manual pencil sharpener, wheat grinder, hand crank flashlight)
  • Bank folded from paper (see below)
  • Piece of metal
  • A tin can (without sharp edges) with a slit paper top
  • Hand crank graphic (see below)
  • Pretend or real coins
  • A bendy straw or a pipe cleaner
  • Word blending cards (see below)
  • Bank with a Crank target text (see below)

The children will use a pretend crank to open a bank while they read and write words that end in /nk/, such as crank, bank, thank, clink, and clank.

Practice the skill within an activity
Write the word bank all over a bank

  • Help the children make a bank (see the build a bank graphic below).
  • Let the children write the word bank on the paper before folding it into a bank.
  • Comment, “It is not a blank bank because it has bank on it.”
  • Place a piece of paper with a blank line over a tin can to be a bank.
  • Write the word bank in a blank line.

Put money in a bank and make it go clink and clank

  • Put money in the bank, make it clink and clank, and say “clink” and “clank.”
  • Give the children turns to plunk money in the bank to clink and clank.
  • Emphasize words with the /nk/ blend throughout the activity:
    • “Clank! A clank in the bank! Clank goes the bank.”
    • “The money sank into the bank with a crank.”
    • “Do you think you can sink money into a bank with a crank?”
    • “Plunk and clunk money in the bank.”

Plunk money in a tin vs. paper bank

  • Make a bank with a crank by attaching the crank graphic (see below) to the side of a tin can and adding a paper top with a slot.
  • Show a bank made out of tin and a bank made out of paper.
  • Plunk coins in the tin bank and comment on how they go clink and clank.
  • Plunk coins in the paper bank and comment on how they go clunk instead of clink or clank.
  • Put a piece of metal in the bottom of the paper bank, and plunk in coins to make clink and clank sounds.

Open a bank with a crank

  • Bend a bendy straw or a pipe cleaner into the shape of a crank (i.e., so one end is longer than the other), and put it on the paper bank.
  • Hold the long end of the straw or pipe cleaner, and turn it until the short end pushes the lid open.
  • Put coins in the bank and open it with the "crank," or pretend to open it with the "crank."


  • After putting coins in a bank, open it with a crank, or pretend to open it.
  • Let the coins clunk or plunk when they hit the table.
  • Make comments such as the following:
    • “Crank. Crank. Crank the bank.”
    • “Yank the crank to open the bank.”

Apply the skill (Choose from the activities below)
Phonological Awareness and Word Building

  • With the word blending cards (see below), have the children make new words by changing the vowel or the beginning consonant:
    • clink clank clunk; plunk plink plank; sink sunk; think thank
    • clank blank; bank sank; crank yank; clink plink; plunk clunk

Read target words in texts (see below)

  • Engage the children in reading the text Bank with a Crank.
  • Read the text again, fading support.
  • Have the children make a list of the /nk/ words that they heard.

Write about the activity using target words and patterns

  • Have the children write words from dictation: crank, bank, thank, think, sink, plink, plunk, and clunk.
  • Let the children write words from dictation, and then change one or two letters to make new words: crank, clank, blank, bank, sank, sink, slink, clink, plink, plunk, plank, and thank.
  • Engage the children in interactive writing about their experience. 
  • Review target words from the activities and present sentence frames, sentences to complete, gestures, or question prompts to elicit ideas.
    • Examples of interactive texts:
      • We got to ___ (plunk) and ___ (clunk) money into a bank.
      • We heard money ___ (clink), ___ (clank), and ___ (clunk) in the bank.
      • We opened the ___ (bank) with a ___ (crank).

SEEL Target Texts

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Bank with a Crank

Where do you put your money?
In a sink?
In a tank?
In a bank?
Yes! In a bank!
What sound do you hear when you put money in a bank?
– and kerplunk
How do you get money out of the bank?
Dump it into a tank.
Shake it out of the bank.
Open the bank with a crank!



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.2.B: Orally produce single-syllable words by blending sounds (phonemes), including consonant blends.