switch and swap sweaters

Switch and Swap Sweaters

Switch and Swap Sweaters
Target text


Read, write, and identify words beginning with the /sw/ blend.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • switch
  • swap
  • swat
  • sweater


  • Word and action cards 
  • How Swell target text
  • Swap /sw/ Word Cards target text
  • Let's Swap /sw/ Things target text
  • Swoop Down and Sprinkle /sw/ Words target text

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that today they will swap and switch words as they read and write words beginning in the /sw/ blend.

Literacy Activities
Swap cards

  • Print and cut out /sw/ word and actions cards.
  • Pass out the /sw/ word cards.
  • Let the children act out what’s on the card and then swap cards.
  • Have the children stand in line or back-to-back and then let them swivel around and swap cards.
  • If the children are standing in a line, they can swivel to the right or left to swap with a child on either side.
  • Give the command to swivel and swap; once the child swivels and swaps a card, their partner acts out what’s on the card.

Play a swap card game

  • Shuffle a deck with two /sw/ word and action cards each.
  • Have three or more children play a card game with /sw/ words to see who gets the most /sw/ word pairs by swapping with a friend.
  • Tell the children they have to say what cards they want to swap and switch, e.g., I’ll swap a swallow for a swan; I’ll swap a swing for a sweater; Would you swap a swallow or swan for a swine; What will you swap for the word swine?
  • See who gets the most word pairs when someone doesn’t have any more cards in their hand.

Switch being or acting out /sw/ words

  • Give each child a /sw/ word to act out: sweet, swallow, sweater, sway, swat, etc.
  • One child acts out a word, then the children switch cards and another child portrays the word (like charades).
  • List the words on the board so that the children can have some clues or options when guessing what /sw/ word the children are depicting.

Switch places and swap sweaters and other /sw/ things

  • Pretend to swap sweaters.
  • Let the children take off imaginary sweaters and swap them or swap paper sweaters.
  • Pretend to swap swings, sweet things, swans, swallows, etc.

Swoop down and sweep up a /sw/ card

  • Let the children pretend to be a swallow and swoop down and sweep up /sw/ words.
  • Explain that the children will “Swiftly sweep up /sw/ words and read the words as you sweep them up.”

More Practice
Read target words

  • Let the children read the list of /sw/ word cards and have the children make gestures to represent the actions.
  • Read the text below to and with the children (interactive and simultaneous reading).
  • Have the children read the text to each other (swap texts or switch turns to see if the can swiftly read the text).
  • Have them reread one of the texts below with support if needed.

Write target words

  • Have the children list or write about the /sw/ actions they enjoyed doing.
  • Let the children write where they would go or what they would do if a swallow swept down to take them away.
  • Let the children modify, in writing, some of the /sw/ words by adding the adverb swiftly (e.g., swiftly swat fleas).
  • Ask which actions they would do swiftly (sweep, swim, swing, swerve, swat fleas, etc.).
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SEEL Target Texts

How Swell

How swell!
There are lots of things to do that begin with sw.
We got to act out lots of sw words.
We got to swerve, swivel, and swing.
We pretended to swim, sweep, swirl.
We got to swiftly swoop down.
We got to swoop down like a swallow.

Swap sw Word Cards

Let’s play a swap and switch game.
We each get two sw cards.
The cards have sw words on them:
Swim, swing, swift, swoop, swell, sweet, swallow, sweep, swirl, swerve, swivel, switch, swine, swim, sweater, sweat, sway, swat, swap, swan, and swallow.
We get to ask someone to switch sw words.
We swap sw words in order to get a pair.

Let's Swap sw Things

Let’s swap sweaters.
Let’s swap a swan that swims slowly for a swan that swims swiftly.
Let’s swap a swine that eats sweets for a swine that doesn’t eat sweets.
Let’s swap a slow swing for a swift swing.
Let’s swap a sweaty swine for a swine that isn’t sweaty.
Let’s swap a scummy swamp for a swamp that isn’t scummy.
Let’s swap a swarm of flies for a fly that isn’t a swarm.
Let’s swap a swallow that swoops and swirls for a swallow that flies swiftly.

Swoop Down and Sprinkle sw Words Text

I stand and swivel away.
A swallow swoops down swiftly.
He sprinkled some sw words on me.
Cards with words like sway, sweet, swing.
Swell, I said. Now I have to sweep up all these cards.
Then I had to sweep up the cards.
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