Throw a Birthday Party

Throw a Birthday Party
Target text


Associate the th digraph with the /th/ sound and read and write words with the digraph th.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • three
  • throw
  • think
  • thirty


  • Th- cards*
  • Word cards*
  • Throw a Birthday Party target text*

*Items included below.


State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will write out numbers that start with /th/ and will count three, thirteen, and thirty candles on birthday cakes.

Literacy Activities
Count birthday candles

  • Write three, thirteen, and thirty on the board and circle the th that makes the /th/ sound.
  • Have the children draw a birthday cake and add three or thirteen candles.
  • Invite the children to write th on their birthday cake.

Follow the path to the birthday bash

  • Have the children write th on a piece of paper when you produce the /th/ sound.
  • Place the th- cards (found below) and the th word cards (found below) in a path that leads to the drawings of birthday cakes.
  • Explain to the children that they will follow the path to get to a birthday party. 
  • Have the children read the th- words (e.g., throwthinthickthankthink) or produce the /th/ sound when they see the th digraph along the path.

Throw a pretend birthday party

  • Pretend to throw a birthday party for three, thirteen, or thirty imaginary friends.
  • Ask the children to decide if they will need three, thirteen, or thirty candles.
  • Comment on how the friends will be thrilled and thankful that you threw a birthday party.

Read about throwing a birthday party

  • Read the target text Throw a Birthday Party (found below), and then with the children.
  • Engage the children in reading the text again, fading support.
  • Make a list of words with th with the children. 

Write about throwing a birthday party

  • Help the children create a word wall of words with th (e.g., birthday, three, thirteen, thirty, path, throw, thanksthings, thoughtsthrilled, thankful, thrill, thin, think).
  • Have the children write about throwing the birthday party (e.g., "I put three candles on the birthday cake." "We threw a birthday party for three friends").


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SEEL Target Texts

Throw a Birthday Party

Let's throw a birthday party for imaginary friends.
Three friends have birthdays.
        One will be three years old and will have three              candles on the cake.
        One will be thirteen years old and will have                   thirteen candles on the cake.
        One will be thirty years old and will have thirty            candles on the cake.
We can invite imaginary friends to come to the birthday party.
Three, thirteen, or thirty friends will come to the birthday party.
The three-year-old will be thankful for three thoughtful gifts.
The thirteen-year old will be thankful for thirteen thoughtful gifts.
The thirty-year-old will be thankful for thirty thoughtful gifts. 
The three-, thirteen-, and thirty-year-old will say thank you three, thirteen, or thirty times.
What a thrilling birthday party we will throw!
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