Find the Dollar


Read and write words spelled with the double letter -ll combination in the middle (e.g., wallet, dollar).

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • yellow
  • wallet
  • dollar
  • pillow
  • balloon


  • Wallet graphic (see below) printed on yellow paper or paper wallet (see instructions below).
  • Picture cards (see below)
  • Word cards (see below)
  • Dollar picture (see below)
  • A Dollar in My Wallet target text (see below)

State and model the objective

Tell the children that they will look for a dollar in a yellow wallet and read and write words spelled with the double letter -ll combination, such as yellow, wallet, dollar, pillow, and balloon.

Practice the skill with an activity

Find the dollar

  • Write the double letter ll combination on the board and explain to the children that double ll makes the /l/ sound, then invite them to watch for words with that combination.
  • Show the children the wallet (see graphic) printed on yellow paper or made from folded yellow paper.
  • Label the wallet by writing yellow wallet, and point out that both words have the double letter -ll combination in the middle of the word.
  • Place the picture cards and dollar picture (see below) in or under the pretend wallet.
  • Tell the children that the wallet has some silly things in it and they will need to take out the silly things to find the dollar.
  • Let the children take turns taking out the picture cards one at a time and reading the word on the card while you write the word on a whiteboard or chalkboard.
  • Point out that each word is spelled with the double letter combination -ll in the middle of the word.
  • Have a child take out the dollar picture last while you write dollar on the board.
  • Repeat the activity using word cards (see below), helping the children read their word card, find the matching word on the board and underline the -ll.

Apply the Skill

  • Read target words in a text
    • Read the target text, A Dollar in My Wallet (see below) to the children.
    • Engage the children in reading the text simultaneously with you.
    • Read the A Dollar in My Wallet text again fading support.
    • Have the children list the words from the text spelled with -ll.
  • Write about the activity using target words
    • Using the words on the board, have the children write a sentence or two expressing ideas from the lesson activity or target text (e.g., A balloon was in the yellow wallet).
    • Have the children create their own paper wallet (see directions below), write down -ll words from the board on small pieces of paper to put in their wallet, then take turns pulling them out of the wallet and reading them to each other.

SEEL Target Texts

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Dollar in My Wallet

I had a dollar in my wallet.
But I can’t find the dollar in my wallet.
I found a yellow dot.
I found a yellow marshmallow.
I found a yellow balloon.
Oh look!
I found the dollar.
I found the dollar in my wallet.



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.2.3.C: Decode regularly spelled two-syllable words with long vowels.