tall to get the ball

Tall to Get the Ball

Tall to Get the Ball
Target text


Read and write words with the double letter combination -ll.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • ball
  • tall
  • well
  • fill
  • call
  • small


  • Balls (e.g., paper balls, cotton balls, toy balls)
  • Paper cups
  • Word-building cards*
  • Tall Enough to Get the Ball target text*
  • Stand Tall to Get the Ball  target text*

*Items included below.

State the Objective

Tell the children that they will stand tall to get a ball and read and write words that end with -ll such as ball, call, tall, well, fill, and small.

Literacy Activities

Introduce target words

  • Show the children the words ball, call, tall, well, fill and small.
  • Read the target words with the children.

Tall enough to get the ball

  • Read the Tall Enough to get the Ball target text (see below) with the children.
  • Hold a ball above the children’s heads and see if they can stretch to get the ball.
  • Let the children stand on a small stool and pretend they are tall.
  • Have the children stretch or stand tall to place a ball on the edge of a shelf or a wall and let the ball fall.
  • Let the children blow or tap the ball to make it fall and chant “Fall, ball! Fall!”

Let balls fall

  • Give the children different sizes of paper and let them label their paper and then crumple it up into a ball (e.g., small ball for a small piece of paper, big ball for a big piece of paper).
  • Have the children put the small and big balls in a cup.
  • Let them take turns pulling a ball from the cup.
  • Ask them if they pulled out a small or a big ball.
  • Let the children flip the cup over to let the balls fall out and say “The balls fell! Oh, well!”

Identify, blend, and manipulate sounds

With word-building cards (see below), have the children make new words by changing a consonant or the vowel.

  • Change the beginning consonant: ball→ wall; tall→ call; well→ fell
  • Change the vowel: tall→ tell; ball→ bill; fall→ fill; well→ wall
  • Change the ending consonant: fell→ fed, call→ cap, tall→ tan

Write about the activity using target words and phrases

Let the children write short sentences using target words.

  • We can be ____ (tall).
  • I can get the ____ (ball).
  • Put the ball up tall on a ____ (wall).
  • Let’s yell “Oh, ____ (well)!”
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SEEL Target Texts

Tall Enough to get the Ball?

We can be tall!
We can stand on our toes to be tall.
Can you get the ball?

We can be tall!
Put the ball up on a wall.
Will the ball fall from the wall?
Let’s call for the ball to fall.
Fall, ball! Fall!

Fill a Cup with Balls

We can roll up some balls. 
Can we fill a cup with balls?

Can we pull a ball from a cup? 
Is the ball small?
Let the balls fall from the cup.
The ball fell!
Let’s yell “Oh, well!”

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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.