cook gook

Cook Gook
Target text


Read and write words with the vowel pattern -oo as in book, look, took, hook. 

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • took
  • book
  • look
  • cook
  • shook
  • crook
  • hook


  • Hook or hook made from a pipe cleaner
  • Cookbook with the gook recipes 
  • A bowl, mixing spoons, and measuring cups and spoons for cooking the gook
  • Ingredients for gook 1:
    • glue solution: 1 cup of glue, 3/4 cup water
    • borax solution: 1/2 cup hot water, 2 tsp of Borax
    • Mix 2 Tbsp glue solution with 2 tsp of borax solution to make the gook
  • Ingredients for gook 2 (salt dough):
    • 1 cup salt and 2 cups flour mixed into a bowl
    • 1 cup water slowly stirred into the mixture
    • Knead the dough for at least 5 minutes
  • Who Took the Cookbook target text 
  • A Cook Cooked Gook target text
  • My Cookbook target text 

State and Model the Objective
The children will make or pretend to make gook from a cookbook and will read and write words that end in -ook, such as took, book, look, cook, shook, and crook
Literacy Activities
Look for the cookbook

  • Make a cookbook by putting pages together with a binder clip.
  • Place a hook through a loop in the binder clip and hide the cookbook. 
  • Ask the children to look for a cookbook that someone took.
  • Ask, "Who took the cookbook?" and "Was it a crook who took the cookbook?"
  • Find the book on the hook and say, “a crook did not take the book.”

Cook gook from a cookbook

  • Allow the children to "cook" gook by shaking ingredients into a bowl.
  • Comment on how the cooks shook in flour as they worked to cook the gook.  
  • Bring out gook and shake the gook.
  • Have the children get gook on the cookbook and shake the gook off the cookbook. 

More Practice
Read target words in texts 

  • Engage the children in reading the target text Who Took the Cookbook?
  • Read the text again, fading support.
  • Have the children make a list of the -ook words.
  • Repeat with the target texts A Cook Cooked Gook and My Cookbook.

Write about the activity using target words and patterns

  • Display a word wall with -ook words: crook, took, look, cookbook, hook, shook, cook, gook.
  • Ask the children to write about how they got to look for the cookbook, find a book on a hook, and use the cookbook to cook gook. 
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SEEL Target Texts

My Cookbook

I once really wanted to cook.
I started to look for my cookbook.
I looked up and down and all over town.
Then I found my cookbook one day on a hook!
Then it was time for me to cook.
Into my bowl I shook things I needed to cook.
My food tasted yummy in my tummy.
I'm glad that I found my cookbook!

A Cook Cooked Gook

A cook! 
A cook book! 
The cook took the cook book. 
The cook took a look in the cookbook.
The cook took a bowl. 
The cook took flour. 
The cook shook the flour into the bowl. 
The cook took salt and water. 
The cook shook the salt and water into the bowl. 
The cook looked in the cookbook to know how to cook gook.  
The cook used the cookbook to cook gook.

Who Took the Cookbook?

We wanted to cook gook but the cookbook was missing.
We did not know who took the cookbook.
We thought that maybe a crook took the cookbook.
We looked and looked for the cookbook.
We found the cookbook!
A crook did not take the cookbook.
The cookbook was up on a hook.
We cooked gook using the recipe in the cookbook.
We shook gook off of the cookbook.
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