Little Lions Like to Lick


Associate the letter L (and lowercase l) with the /l/ sound (e.g., little, lion, ladybug).

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • lion
  • like
  • lick
  • little
  • lips
  • lemon
  • ladybug


  • Picture cards of lion treats (see below)
  • Lollipops for children to lick (optional)
  • Lion pictures (see below) and strips of paper
  • Picture cards (see below) 
  • Lunch box
  • Little Lion Story (see below)
  • Writing practice page (see below)

State and model the objective

Tell the children that they will pretend to be lions and that they will also practice saying the /l/ sound in words such as lemon, ladybug, and like.

Practice the skill within an activity

Look for lions

  • Make lion headbands by attaching the lion picture to strips of paper and stapling the ends together.
  • Hide the lion headbands around the room.
  • Invite the children to look for lions, while saying, “/l/ - /l/ - /l/.”
  • When they find a lion, say, “lion starts with L, and L makes the /l/ sound!”
  • Have the children put on the lion headband and pretend to be a lion.

Lick lion treats

  • Have the children sit in a circle around the picture cards of words and lion treats that start with the /l/ sound.
  • Have the children take turns choosing a picture card.
  • Name the picture and comment that it starts with the letter L which makes the /l/ sound.
  • Emphasizing the target sound pretend to lick it like a lion.
  • Pass the picture around for other “little lions” to pretend to lick.
  • Let the “little lions” lick lollipops (optional).

Apply the skill (choose from the following)

Read target words in a text

  • Place the picture cards from the lick lion treats activity next to the correct sentence in the text Little Lions (see below) then read the text to the children.
  • Have the children find and circle the letter L throughout the text, saying the /l/ sound each time they circle the letter L.
  • Read the text again and have the children make an L with their fingers every time they hear a word that starts with the /l/ sound.

Play Pass the Lunch Box game

  • Fold picture cards (see below) of words that start with L and words that don’t start with L in half and place the folded cards in a lunchbox.
  • Have the children sit in a circle to take turns passing the lunch box.
  • Have each child remove a card to decide if it begins with the /l/ sound.
  • The child will then replace the folded card in the lunch box, shake it and pass it along.
  • Emphasize that the letter L makes the /l/ sound.

Write the target letter

  • Help the children write the uppercase letter L (and lowercase l) on the writing practice page (see below). Let them draw pictures below the letters of things they pretended to lick as lions (e.g., ladybug, lunchbox, ladder, light bulb).


SEEL At Home

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Associate the letter L (and lowercase l) with the /l/ sound (e.g., little, ladder, lemon). 


  • 2 lion pictures to make into headbands (see below)
  • Picture cards (see below)

Activity: Little Lions

  • Cut out the lion pictures and attach them to strips of paper to make headbands.
  • Wear the lion headbands and pretend to be little lions who like to lick treats that begin with the letter L.
  • Take turns choosing a picture card and naming it. Comment that it starts with the /l/ sound.
  • Emphasizing the target sound pretend to lick each picture like a lion.
  • Help your child write a list of some items he/she licked as a little lion that start with the letter L. Read the list together and have your child circle the L in each word.
  • The activity can be repeated several times.



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1.D: Recognize and name all upper and lower case letters in the alphabet.
2. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.3.A: Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.