spin spools


Associate the letters sp with the /sp/ sound as in spout, spider, and spool.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • spin
  • splat
  • spot
  • splash
  • spool
  • spout
  • spoon


  • Things to spin (spools, spoons, spouts)
  • Spray bottle
  • Bowl with a small amount of water
  • Plastic bags
  • Spots
  • Letter cards
  • Spin Spools target text

The children will spin spools as they practice saying the /sp/ sound in words such as spool, splash, and spin.

Literacy Activities
Spin spools on spots

  • Spread out the spots on a table or on the floor.
  • Let the children spin the spools, spouts, and spoons, and have them watch to see if they land on a spot.
  • Repeat the activity using sp word cards.
  • When an object lands on a word card, help the children read the word.
  • Have the children underline the letters sp in each word and have them say the /sp/ sound each time they underline the letters.

Splash with a spool

  • Have the children drop spools in bowl with small amount of water so spools can splat and splatter.
  • Let the children spray, splash, and splatter spools with water.
  • Place each letter card in a plastic bag.
  • Have the children spray, splash, and splatter sp letter cards and have them say the /sp/ sounds each time they get a splotch of water on a letter card.

More Practice
Read target words in a text

  • Read the Spin Spools target text to the children.
  • Have the children find and circle the letters sp throughout the text, saying the /sp/ sounds each time they circle the letters.
  • Read the text again and have the children read the /sp/ sounds while you read the rest (support as needed).

Write the target letter

  • Have the children write the letters sp on the things to spin (e.g., spools, spouts, spoons) and on the spots.



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1.D: Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters in the alphabet.
2. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.3.A: Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.