Target text


The children will read a kindergarten-level decodable text that highlights short vowel words that end with -ad.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • mad
  • sad
  • glad


  • We Can Be Mad, Sad, or Glad target text*
  • A Mad Face? Target text*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will make mad, sad, or glad faces and will read a text that includes -ad words such as mad, sad, and glad

Literacy Activities
Pretend to be mad, sad, or glad

  • Hold a piece of paper over your face
  • Lower the paper and make a mad, sad, or glad face and have the children guess the emotion 

Mirror faces

  • Have the children line up in pairs facing each other
  • Tell the children on one side to make a face, then have the children on the other side mirror the face 

Read about mad, glad, or sad faces

  • Engage children in shared reading of the texts We Can Be Mad, Sad, or Glad and A Mad Face? (see below)
  • Have the children underline -ad words found in the text. 

Writing using -ad words

  • Have the children draw and label mad, sad, and glad faces
  • Have the children fill in the sentence: I had a ___ face. 
  • Write -ad words on the whiteboard then change one letter to make a different -ad word

SEEL Target Texts

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We Can Be Mad, Sad, or Glad

We can put on faces.
We can be mad.
We can be sad. 
We can be glad.
We can put on mad, sad, or glad faces.
We had mad, sad, and glad faces.

A Mad Face?

We made a mad face.
We made a sad face.
We made a glad face. 
We made our mad face into a sad face. 
We made our sad face into a glad face. 
Let’s keep a glad face.  


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