Hop to the Pop Shop

Hop to the Pop Shop
Target text


Read and write words that end in –op.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • hop
  • pop
  • shop
  • drop
  • mop
  • stop


  • Can of club soda or sugar free soda pop 
  • Tray to catch drops of pop (when soda pop is opened)
  • Mop (or rag) to mop up pop (club soda)
  • Shop signs
  • Hop to the Pop Shop target text
  • Word blending cards

The children will get to pretend to buy soda pop at a shop while they read and write words ending in –op: hop, pop, shop, mop, slop, stop, and drop. 

Literacy Activities
Hop to the pop shop

  • Display a few Shop signs in different areas of the classroom, and assign one child to be the shopkeeper in each shop.
  • Tell the rest of the children that they get to hop to the pop shop. As a class, hop together to the first shop.
  • Together ask, “Do you sell pop?” If the storekeeper does not have pop, have him/her say, “No, no pop in this shop”. 
  • Hop to another shop and repeat this process, making sure that the last shop has club soda to sell as pop. Ask, “Do you sell pop?” and have the storekeeper replies, “Yes! This shop has pop!” 
  • Pretend to buy the pop and then hop back “home” with the pop, allowing the children to take turns holding the can.
  • As you hop, use phrases that emphasize the -op ending (e.g., “Hop, hop, hop away from the shop." "Hop with the pop." "Don’t stop!" "Don’t drop the pop!”). 
  • When you get “home”, ask the children what they think will happen when they open the pop. Explain that when you hop with pop and then stop, the pop will explode and as you pop open the can! (Give the can an extra shake so it will bubble up and out to create drops of pop to mop.)
  • Have the children say “pop” as you pop open the can over a tray.
  • Say, “Oh no, the pop went pop and it slopped all over.  We need to mop up the drops of pop. Mop, mop, mop the pop!”
  • Let the children take turns mopping up the pop, and then tell them to “stop” when their turn is over or when the tray is sufficiently clean. 

More Practice
Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • Allow the children to use their word blending cards to exchange beginning sounds in –op words to make new words (e.g., remove the /h/ from hop and change it to /m/ to form mop).
    • hop mop top pop plop drop stop shop flop

Read target words/patterns introduced in the activity

  • Project the text Hop to the Pop Shop on the board so all of the children can see.
  • Read the text out loud and engage the children in shared reading of the text.
  • Have the children take turns coming up to the board (one at a time) to circle all of the words that end in –op.

Write about the activity using target words/patterns

  • Engage the children in interactive writing about their experience by asking leading questions: 
    • What did we want to do? (Hop to a shop to get pop.)
    • What did you want to get at the shop?  (We wanted to get pop at the shop.)
    • How did you get to the pop shop?   (We hopped to the pop shop.)
    • Did the first shop have pop?   (The shop did not have pop.)
    • What did you decide to do when the first shop did not have pop?  (We went to another shop to get pop.)
    • How did you get back home with the pop?  (We hopped back with the pop.)
    • What did you do when you got home with the pop? (We popped open the top.)
    • Then what happened to the pop? (The pop slopped all over. We had to mop up the pop.)
  • Write about the experience by generating sentence frames and letting the children fill in target words and phrases:
    • We wanted to get ____  (pop).
    • So we decided to go to a _______ (pop shop).
    • We decided to ________(hop to a pop shop).
    • But one _______(shop did not have pop).
    • So we wanted to________(hop to another shop).
    • We hopped to a _______(shop that had pop).
    • We bought _____  (pop at the pop shop).
    • We _______(hopped back home with the pop).
    • When we got home we  _______ (popped open the top of the pop can).
    • And the pop can went   _____ (pop)!
    • We had to ________(mop up the slop and the pop and the drops). 
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SEEL Target Texts

Hop to the Pop Shop

Do you want to buy some pop?
Let’s hop to a shop to buy pop.
Look, a shop!  Let’s stop!
But, there’s no pop at that shop.
That is not a pop shop.
Let’s hop to another shop.
Here is a shop.
We can buy pop at this shop.
Let’s hop back with the pop.
Let’s pop open the top!  Pop!
Oops!  The pop slops all over!
Stop the pop!
Now we have to mop up all the drops of pop.
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