loops for leprechauns


Recognize and produce the /l/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /l/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • little
  • leap
  • loop
  • link
  • leprechaun


  • Green and yellow construction paper 
  • Leprechaun graphics 

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will make loops for leprechauns as they listen for words that begin with the /l/ sound, such as loop, link, long, and low.

Literacy Activities
Link lots of loops for leprechauns

  • Ask the children to listen for words in this activity that start with the /l/ sound, as in little, loop, link, and leprechaun.
  • Have the children make paper chains by linking loops of green and yellow paper.
  • As the children make the chains, say alliterative phrases together, such as “link and loop” and “loops for leprechauns.”
  • Have the children attach leprechaun graphics to the loops of the chain, and say alliterative phrases and sentences, such as “Lay leprechauns on loops” and “Link leprechauns to loops.”
  • Hang the long leaping leprechaun loop chains around the classroom.
  • Remind the children of words they have said that begin with the /l/ sound, such as leprechaun and loop.

More Practice
Tap out sounds in words

  • Have the children blend word parts into whole words by tapping their head when they say the /l/ sound, then touching their toes when they say the ending, and finally clapping once when they say the whole word together. For example: l (tap head) + ap (touch toes) = lap (clap hands).
    • l + eap = leap
    • l + ong = long
    • l + oop = loop
    • l + ink = link

Leap like leprechauns

  • Put a leprechaun graphic on one side of the room and have the children line up along the other side.
  • Ask each child to think of an /l/ word, supporting them by saying, "/l/, /l/, /l/" then have them suggest a word.
    • If the word starts with the /l/ sound, let the children take a leap toward the side with the leprechaun graphic.
    • If the word doesn't start with the /l/ sound, help the child think of a word ("Does light start with the /l/ sound?") then let the children leap.
  • Cheer for the children when they reach the other side of the room by saying, "You said lots and lots of /l/ words, leaping like leprechauns!"



SEEL At Home

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Recognize and produce the /l/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /l/.


  • Leprechaun graphic 

Activity: Little Leaping Leprechauns

  • Show your child the little leprechaun graphic and tell your child that little leaping leprechauns like words that start with the /l/ sound, like little and leprechaun
  • With your child's help, write a list of words that start with the /l/ sound (e.g., lunch, lollipops, lions). 
  • Take turns picking an /l/ word from the list (support as needed) and leap like leprechauns together while saying, "Little leaping leprechauns like ___ (e.g., /l/ /l/ /l/ lollipops)." 
  • Have fun choosing words, then read the list to your child again, reminding them that each word starts with the /l/ sound.



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