loops for leprechauns

Loops for Leprechauns

Loops for Leprechauns
Target text


Recognize and produce the /l/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /l/.

Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • little 
  • leap 
  • leprechaun 
  • loop 
  • link 
  • letter
  • leaves


  • Leprechaun graphics*
  • Paper strips for loops
  • Lemon graphic*
  • Leaf graphic*
  • Log graphic*

*Item included below.  

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will make loops for little leaping leprechauns as they listen for words that begin with the /l/ sound, such as loop, link, long, and low.

Literacy Activities

Link lots of loops for leprechauns 

  • Ask the children to listen for the /l/ sound in words such as little, loop, link, long, leap, low, and leprechaun.
  • Have the children make paper chains by linking loops of paper.
  • Make comments as the children make the chains: “link and loop, loop and link, link loops for leprechauns, link long loops, link long loops for little leprechauns.” 
  • Have the children attach leprechaun graphics to the loops and say, “Lay leprechauns on loops” and “Link leprechauns to loops.”
  • Hang the long leaping leprechaun loop chains.
  • Let little leprechauns leap with long loops.

Leprechauns leap with /l/ words 

  • Show the little leprechaun graphic.
  • Tell the children that the little leprechaun loves to leap.
  • Let the little leprechaun take long or low leaps as he hears such phrases as leaping leprechauns leap low; little leprechauns take long leaps over lemons, logs, leaves, loops, and lots and the letter L -- lots and lots of Ls”  
  • Let the children leap like leprechauns over lemons, logs, and leaves (see below) while saying, "Little leaping leprechauns leap like lions. Little leaping leprechauns like ___ (e.g., lollipops, lemons, and lemonade).

Leap like leprechauns

  • Put a leprechaun graphic on one side of the room and have the children line up along the other side. 
  • Ask the children to make low or long leaps with linked loops to the leprechaun.  
  • Ask the children if they hear /l/ in ‘long and low leaping little leprechauns’ or ‘lots of linked loops for leaping leprechauns.’
  • Say, you did lots and lots of leaping like little leprechauns. You were leaping low and leaping long -- leaping like leprechauns!” 




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SEEL At Home



Recognize and produce the /l/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /l/.


  • Leprechaun graphic 

Activity: Little Leaping Leprechauns 

  • Show your child the little leprechaun graphic and tell them that they can make the little leprechaun leap.
  • Comment on things that the leaping leprechaun likes: lollipops, lions, leaves, lunch, lemons, ladybugs
  • Leap like leprechauns while saying, "Little leaping leprechauns like ___ (e.g., /l/ /l/ /l/ lollipops, lunch, lions, lemons, leaves, ladybugs)." 


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