Meet the McKay Alumni Board

Rachelle Bolingbroke

Taught grades K-6
District literacy specialist pre-K-6
Elementary Principal

Nedra Call

Taught 3rd grade
District curriculum coordinator
District curriculum director for K–12

Joy Campbell

Taught 4th, 5th, & 6th grades
School partnership facilitator
BYU/Jordan Dist. Elementary Liaison

Colleen Densley

Elementary school principal
Faculty author
Taught 6th grade
Student Teacher Facilitator

Annette Evans

Taught 7th grade English and Spanish
District mentor and intern specialist
District facilitator of secondary new teacher instruction

Betsy Eckton

Taught 3rd and 5th graders and ESL endorsement classes for BYU
District instructional coach
BYU clinical faculty associate
Staff development/facilitator & Title I coordinator
Educational projects in Africa

Bob Gentry

Assistant principal
Director of human resources
Interim superintendent

Joy Hollingshaus

Taught 2nd grade
Taught English in Taiwan
High school small group instruction

Patti Greaves

Taught 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades for 44 years in Alpine School District
Active in local, state, and national education associations

Debrah May Madson

Taught grades K-5
Coordinated Gifted & Talented
Language Arts Coordinator
Instructional coach

Al Merkley

Assistant Dean of McKay School of Education
Private law practice for 14 years prior to joining McKay School

Lynette Neff

Taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades
Elementary school principal
BYU adjunct faculty
Provo district liaison

Tim Pead

Taught life skills for grades 7-12
High school assistant principal
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Mary Anne Prater

Dean of McKay School of Education
BYU professor and former department chair
Former professor, department chair, and associate dean at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Gary Seastrand

Taught 4th & 6th grades
Elementary school principal
District assistant superintendent
CITES Executive Director

Terry Shoemaker

Taught 5th grade
Superindenent's Executive Director

Lee Stoor

Taught special education in both elementary and Jr. High
Special education teacher leader

Marie Tuttle

Taught 3rd and 4th grades
Director of reading lab for 1st & 3rd grades
Associate dean

Shauna Valentine

College alumni director/liaison
Taught 4th & 5th grades, kindergarten
District coordinator of student mentoring

Linde Wong

Taught 5th grade
Elementary school principal
Student teacher facilitator

Student Alumni Representatives


Mikan Crittendon Smith

Jaden Taylor

Anne Marie Taggart

Emily Ann Peery

2016–2017 Kristie Hinckley, Kaitlin Heaton
2015–2016 Kristie Hinckley, Lindsay Snow
2014–2015 Ashley Anderson
2013–2014 Ashlee Snow
2012–2013 Mallory Belnap Rutter and Jenny Forsyth
2011–2012 Pam Black, Anna Henning, Jennifer Ray
2010–2011 Missy Blackham, Kadi Dalene, Jenni Carlile, Pamella Black, Kimberly Andres