We need your help. Any donation, small or large, benefits our students and faculty in this important work. Your donation will help the following:

Scholarships for McKay School Student Teachers & Interns

Funds are prioritized to provide full-tuition scholarships for elementary, early childhood, and special education majors during their capstone student teaching semester since they are unlikely to have outside employment.

Scholarships for McKay School Students from Underrepresented Populations

Funds provide scholarships to those in under-represented populations, which includes students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, first generation college attendees, those from single parent households, from diverse populations, or have special needs.

Scholarships for Students in the Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation Doctoral Program

Full graduate tuition scholarships will be provided annually, in addition to graduate-assistantships, for 20 students enrolled in this four year, full-time program.

Funding for Inspiring Learning

In conjunction with BYU's Inspiring Learning initiative, the McKay School is providing students with life-changing learning opportunities through mentoring, experiential learning, and innovative teaching. Funds are used to support students in these opportunities.

How You Can Help

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