What Is Autism?

Autism is a lifelong condition in which the brain develops in different ways than expected, and we don’t yet know exactly why it happens. We diagnose autism when these differences result in problems with social communication and certain kinds of repetitive behaviors, which may include intense interest in a specific subject, avoidance of certain experiences, or seeking out sensory input in unusual ways. Each individual with autism is unique. Some have highly developed abilities in some areas while others have such significant brain differences that they don’t develop language, and most are between these extremes. Autism is described as a spectrum condition because of this wide range of differences.

How Can You Help?

Everyone can help! We need people of all ages with autism spectrum disorders and people without autism to register to be contacted for current and future research.

Registering helps researchers find people to participate in research projects that help us find answers to questions about autism and how it affects families. Registering also helps you connect to research projects and news that may benefit your family and others.

About Us

We are committed to improving the lives of individuals and families with autism spectrum disorders through scientific research. Autism Connect is a way for us to find out who is interest in autism research and connect you with studies and programs that can help all families, including yours. You can choose whether to participate in any of the studies we contact you about.

We are building a network of researchers that reaches beyond BYU to our partner universities and schools and the larger autism research community. Through Autism Connect, you will have a direct pipeline to autism news and the latest opportunities to participate in research. Your participation helps us to make discoveries faster and helps families and professionals who care for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.


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