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Recent Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

*Student-led or co-authored

*Tanner, E., Allen, G. E. K., Young, E. L., Feinauer, E., & **Ure, C. (2022). Examining psychological correlates and indirect effects of forgiveness on racial discrimination among Polynesian American emerging adults. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, 9, 2, 134-150.

Cutrer-Parraga, B., Allen, G. E. K., Conklin, H., **Hee, C., Miller, E., **Chapman, R., **Gancinia, B., **Roan, M., & **Norton, A. (2022). Culture-centered psychotherapy preferences for Polynesian Americans: An interpretative phenomenological approach. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling.

Allen, G. E. K., Masuda, A., Griner, D., Beecher, M., **Cline, J., **Hee, C. & **Ming, M., (2022). Examining expectations among Polynesian Americans about seeking psychotherapy. American Journal of Psychotherapy. https://doi:10.1176/appi.psychotherapy.20210031

*Cline, J. I., Larsen, R. A., Griner, D., Beecher, M. E., Allen, G. E. K., Lee, C.-T., **Lefrandt, J. B., & Worthen, V. (2022). Ethnoracial comparisons in anxiety and depression outcomes among Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander college students. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 00, 1– 10.

*Kane, D., Allen, G. E. K., Smith, T.B., Griner, D., Jackson, A., Beecher, M., **Ming, M.,Cutrer-Parraga, B. & Richards, P.S. (2021). Forgiveness and gratitude as mediators between religious commitment and well-Being among Latter-day Saint Polynesian Americans. Mental Health, Religion & Culture.

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Recent Refereed Presentations

*Student-led or co-authored

Allen, G. E. K., Mihecoby, A. L., McCubbin, L. D., & Gray, J. (2022). Indigenizing psychotherapy with Pacific Islanders. Symposium session at the 2022 APA Convention, Minneapolis, MN.

*Norton, A., Allen, G. E. K., & **Funn, B. (2022). Is Pacific Islander mental health significantly correlated with ability to afford services, health literacy, age, and gender? Presentation at the 2022 APA Convention, Minneapolis, MN.

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*Garrett, M., Cutrer-Parraga, E., Allen, G. E. K., Miller, E., Conklin, H., *Norton, A., **Dunivan, W., & Young, E. (2022). Perceived barriers of Pacific Islander male high school students to mental health services. Presented at the National Association of School Psychologists, Boston, MA.

*Hee, C., **Chandler, K., *Delirio, J., **Semu, E., Conklin, H., Allen, G. E. K. (2021, August). The association between ethnic identity, self-esteem, and mental health for Polynesians. Presented (virtually) at the 2021 APA Convention, San Diego, CA.

*Norton, A., *Tanner, E., **Semu, E., & Allen, G. E. K. (2021, August). Does Ethnic Identity Mediate the Relationship Between Stigma & Life Satisfaction for Polynesian Americans? Presented (virtually) at the 2021 APA Convention, San Diego, CA.