Coursework and Thesis Sequence

Welcome to BYU's Teacher Education Masters Program!

To help students stay organized throughout their studies, we have provided the following comprehensive schedule. Once the student has accepted admission, they will be assigned an orientation advisor. Attending orientation provides an opportunity for students to meet faculty and peers and learn about the curriculum. Take advantage of this time to ask questions and connect with your cohort. We are excited to work with you as you embark on this exciting journey in your education career.


Accept or Decline Admittance Offer

Inform Department
Inform University
Asigned an Orientation Advisor

Attend orientation/prepare to start program

Meet the Faculty at Orientation
Register for Summer Courses

Courses and Thesis Preparation

Start Courses

Courses begin summer term - email graduate program manager for exact start date.

Committee Selection

Chair - must be from the Teacher Education department
Committee Members - choose 2

Program of Study (third week of Fall Semester)

Submit courses on GradProg
Committee Approval on GradProg
* any changes must be submitted by the student to the Graduate Program Manager

Prospectus Defense

Upload prospectus to GradProg
Schedule defense with graduate program manager
Committee Approval on GradProg
Submit Prospectus Defense form to graduate program manager within two days of defense
* Chair can request the form from the graduate program manager
Upload new version of prospectus if revisions were required

IRB/Study Approval

Upload a copy of your IRB approval or the department IRB exception form
Committee Approval on GradProg
Department Approval on GradProg

Data Collection

IRB if necessary


Typically 2nd Summer term (9 credits total)

Thesis Hours

6 hours total


Data/Evaluation Meeting

Meet with chair and committee to review thesis
Committee approval on GradProg
Department approval on GradProg

Ready for Defense

Upload a copy of your thesis to GradProg
Committee approval on GradProg
Schedule thesis defense with graduate program manager - must be done at least 1 business day in advance before 4pm

Thesis Defense

You must be registered for these 2 thesis credits the semester/term you defend your thesis.
Committee Approval in GradProg

Thesis Approval Process

Following your successful thesis defense you will email a word version of your thesis and the completed MSE Thesis Checklist to the Graduate Program Manager.
Graduate Program Manager Approval
Graduate Coordinator Approval
Dean's Office Approval
Graduate Studies Approval


There are resources available at the Library to assist you with the ETD requirements.


Graduation Preparation

You must be registered for 2 thesis hours in the semester/term you graduate    
Graduation deadlines website
Register for Graduation by Deadline