Doctoral Program

Doctoral Graduation Requirements:

  • Credit requirements
    • PhD students should have completed all of the core (18 credits), skill (15 credits), and specialization (22 credits) courses.
  • Internship
    • 6 credits required
    • Internships allow students to reinforce skills learned through coursework as well as to develop additional practical expertise through “real world” work experience.
      • STEP 1 Submit a signed Internship Contract Form to the department internship coordinator for approval.
      • STEP 2 Complete the online internship application WELL BEFORE the add/drop deadline.
      • STEP 3 Register for IP&T 599R before the add/drop deadline. (6 credits)
  • PhD Projects
    • 6 credits required
    • In order to obtain a more valid measure of knowledge and problem-solving skills, the comprehensive exam requirement for the PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology is met by successfully completing two comprehensive examination projects.
    • These projects should be related to two different areas of emphasis: development, evaluation, measurement, or research.
  • Dissertation (steps 9-16) (18 hours of dissertation credit)
    • After choosing a topic and forming an advisory committee, register for dissertation credit (IP&T 799R)
    • Prepare and defend a prospectus

Conduct a dissertation study, write, and review dissertation

See the PhD Student Handbook for further detail.