Arts Express Inspires Teachers to Integrate Global Art Forms in Classroom Lessons

The 2019 Arts Express Conference encourages teachers to integrate global art forms into all school subjects.

With more than fifty breakout sessions and topics ranging from Japanese Bunraku puppetry to Turkish marble painting to inclusion for those on the autism spectrum, the 2019 Arts Express conference encouraged teachers to integrate the arts into classroom lessons.

Small Town, Big Tech, Big Names

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump recently visited Wilder School District, where EdLF alumnus Jonathan Carlisle is a principal

Wilder School District in Idaho is a pilot school district for a radically different style of teaching—one that merited a visit from Apple CEO Tim Cook and…

Collective Teacher Efficacy Matters

EdLF Chair Pamela Hallam mentored two EdD students studying collective efficacy in schools in New Zealand

EdD students Karen Strong and Jason Benson traveled to New Zealand with their dissertation chair, Pam Hallam, to study the role of collective efficacy in…

Don’t Quit!

Clayton Middle School in Salt Lake City is now home to a new $100,000 fitness center

The National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils worked with Utah Governor Gary Herbert to award Clayton Middle School a brand new $100,000 “DON’T…

Helen Foster Snow: A Diplomatic Legacy with China

12 Chinese delegates recently traveled to BYU to remember Helen Foster Snow’s historic involvement with China

The China Society for People’s Friendship Studies sent a delegation to BYU this October to retrace the footsteps of Helen Foster Snow, learn about her spirit,…

Future of Teachers’ Unions in Question

Visiting scholar Bradley Marianno expounded on the effect of the Janus case on teachers’ unions

The EdLF Department hosted Bradley Marianno, visiting scholar from UNLV, to discuss his research exploring the effect of the Janus case on teachers’ unions in…