Before You Stand with Me, Sit with Me

Remarks from the March Against Racism

"It's not enough to simply not support racism. You have to be an anti-racist. But to be an anti-racist, you have to take a stand."

Learning in Sacred Spaces

Professors Isaac Calvert and Buddy Richards took students to visit the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh

Isaac Calvert, Buddy Richards, and four undergraduate students explored the value of learning in sacred spaces at the Cathedral of Learning’s Nationality Rooms.

Graduates Advised to Follow Christ’s Example of Teaching

More than 450 students graduated from the McKay School

Graduates were instructed by speakers Samantha Muñoz, Cassy Lewis, and Richard C. Nielsen.

Love for a Sister Leads to Passion for Special Education Research

McKay School Grad's Animated Autism Project

Bruna Goncalves uses a fish named Marla to help children with autism learn and practice conversational skills.

The Power of Perseverance

Associate dean of the Student Athlete Academic Center, Trevor Wilson, reflects on his experiences in the EdD program as a recent graduate

Recent graduate Trevor Wilson talks about how his experiences in the EdD program have helped him understand the power of perseverance.

Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture

Judy Montgomery speaks about our “Resilient, Unruly Language”

Judy Montgomery shares insights into the English language at the Benjamin Cluff Jr. Annual Lecture.