Teaching English Language Learners

Students who are working on understanding the English language may also be experiencing confusion and frustration resulting from immersion in a foreign culture. Multicultural teaching techniques can help students who are learning English feel more comfortable and better understand the learning materials. Multicultural techniques may include linking classroom materials to native cultures, providing learning materials that are of a diverse nature, and encouraging students to express their frustrations and confusion in a constructive manner. The following links may be helpful to provide examples and activities for bilingual educators.


BYU has a nationally recognized program TELL (Teaching English Language Learners); its website includes resources to assist educators.

Dave's ESL Café

This site provides information for educators, students, and those interested in teaching English to non-native English speakers. Included in this site are discussion panels, book recommendations, and lesson ideas.

Resources for Teachers and Students of English

This website includes teaching materials, classroom activities, and many other references for ESL educators.

Everything ESL

This website provides many resources for ESL educators, including lesson plans, articles, question forums, and teaching tips.

The Tower of English

Providing students with many opportunities to practice their English, this site offers many helpful resources. Especially helpful are the forums for ESL students who can share their feelings and their common struggles and concerns.

National Association for Bilingual Education

PNABE has professional resources and information relevant to bilingual education.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL is the national organization for educators working with ESL issues.