Multimedia & Books

Thousands of films and books are available to assist educators in representing multicultural topics. The highlighted links provide listings of materials as well as a rubric for establishing a multicultural classroom library.


Teaching in Urban Schools: Lessons from Washington D.C.

Films that Highlight Societal Issues - Published by an organization dedicated to making films that address social issues and encourage critical thinking about values and beliefs, this site provides educators many resources for classroom media.

African Films - This site is dedicated to providing information in films about Africans and African Americans.

Multicultural Kids Video - Organized by topic, this site offers suggested films for educators to use across different curricula.

Film Reviews - This site may be useful for educators as a resource for fims on diversity, equity, and education.


Multicultural Kids books  - With over 180 book references, this site provides book suggestions by topic and ethnic group. Not only can educators find book suggestions for a particular topic or culture, but they can also find literature that is printed in many languages.

How to choose multicultural books - Published by Scholastic Corporation, this site offers educators guidelines for evaluating and expanding their library of multicultural materials.

CD-ROMs of Effective ESL Classroom Practices