Whether integrating multiculturalism into reading instruction or exploring the literary traditions of other countries, teachers need to consider multicultural teaching techniques for the language arts. Multicultural involvement may include reading and recommending books with multicultural interest, varying homework assignments with activities that are culturally diverse, or using multicultural classroom materials when teaching concepts. The following links provide ideas and examples of how language art curriculum can be modified or supplemented to be more multicultural.

Story Arts Online
Many cultures have strong oral traditions that teach through storytelling. This website is dedicated to incorporating the art of storytelling into the classroom.

Women Writers of Color
This website provides an extensive list of female writers of color and shares many ideas about incorporating the study of these writers into the curriculum.

The twofold mission of this website is (1) to provide educators with a vast collection of poetry and writings on multicultural topics and (2) to give students and educators opportunities to publish their original work.