Foreign Language

Part of learning and comprehending a language includes understanding and appreciating the culture in which that language is used. Educators can help foster this understanding and appreciation by incorporating multicultural teaching materials in their classroom. Using multicultural teaching materials in a class could include integrating diverse visual aides and media into lessons, giving assignments that include culture along with language study, and providing students an opportunity to explore the cultural background of the language they are studying. The following are links that provide valuable examples and concepts to include when planning multicultural lessons for students engaged in foreign language study.

Lesson Plans for Teachers of Foreign Languages

This site is presents creative ways to teach foreign languages. The examples can help educators to generate ideas for their lessons.

Internet Activities for Foreign Language

This site provides information about using technology to increase multiculturalism in foreign language classrooms.

Resources for Foreign Language Teachers

This site provides several online resources for use in Spanish, Italian, and German classes.