Student Internships

Your internships are critical to your preparation as school leaders. In fact, most of the assignments can only be completed in your internships. Internships will directly support and mirror your learning in your coursework. We have an internship hour requirement of 250 hours. You will sign up for one credit of EDLF 688R during the summer, fall, and winter for a total of 3 credits of EDLF 688R. Here’s how that internship will look:

Summer: EDLF 688R (1 credit)

During the first month and a half of summer term you will engage in an administrative internship at a level opposite from the level at which you usually work (elementary teachers will work in a secondary setting and vice versa). During the second half of the summer you will work with your resident school principal preparing for the upcoming school year (PD, budgets, schedules, PR, improvement planning).

Fall/Winter: EDLF 688R (1 credit each semester), EDLF 635R (0.5 credits each semester)

You will continue working in your own school as interns throughout the school year, diagnosing the school, working on school improvement, and building capacity of the adults and system.


Field-Based Experiences. We will engage in targeted field trips that will enhance student learning, vision, and networks (visits to innovative schools, district office, state board, state legislature, etc.).

Mentor principal training. Each mentor principal will be trained in how to mentor and support you as an administrative intern. Mentor principals will be oriented on how to conduct mentor principal evaluations in a way that supports your growth and development. They will also be trained on how to support you in your Internship Leadership Project and the Internship Portfolio. The BYU internship supervisor will provide ongoing communication and support to mentor principals to ensure that they can best support you.

Semester visits. You will be visited at least twice a semester by a BYU internship supervisor. This internship supervisor will meet with you and mentor principal to ensure that you are completing internship expectations and receiving the necessary support and mentoring

Internship seminar. You will sign up for 0.5 credits of EDLF 635R during the fall and winter semesters. Your internship supervisor will hold 7-8 one-hour internship seminars during the fall and winter semesters for a total of 15 seminars. These seminars are designed to provide support for you in your internships, help you prepare for their final culminating experiences, and to transition into school leadership positions.

Internship Portfolio. You will compile a school leadership portfolio of artifacts throughout the program. Your internships will be the primary source of content for this portfolio. The portfolio is organized by the seven Utah Educational Leadership Standards.