School Leadership Specialization

Master's Degree in Education

We seek to improve temporal and spiritual well-being by empowering passionate and innovative educational leaders of faith, intellect, and character who have a compelling vision and sense of purpose for the continuous improvement of schools.

Executive School Leadership Track


Year 1 (3 credits)

Year 2 (3 credits)


Year 1 (3 credits)

Year 2 (4 credits)


Year 1 (6 credits)

Year 2 (7.5 credits)

*The Accelerated Preparation Program track offers a reduced course load over 12–14 months


Year 1 (7.5 credits)

Year 2 (3 credits)

detailed course list



Paths to Degree and Licensure

Executive School Leadership Program is for students who work full-time and can attend school only part-time

Accelerated Preparation Program requires fewer courses and is for students who already have a master's degree

  • Part-time program (22 months to complete)
  • Flexible scheduling, evening coursework available at local schools
  • Cohort size of 12–15
  • $15,000 approximate total cost
  • 60–70% placement rate
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  • Accelerated program (12–14 months to complete)
  • Provides second master's degree
  • No graduate exam required
  • Cohort size of 12–15
  • $10,000 approximate total cost
  • 70–80% placement rate
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Tuition & Job Placement by Program

Comparative Costs for Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership*

BYU Executive School Leadership 37 credits $12,000
University of Utah, K–12 School Administration 36 credits $18,000
Utah State University, Instructional Leadership 42 credits $17,000
Southern Utah University, Educational Leadership 36 credits $13,000
Utah Valley University, K–12 Educational Leadership 36 credits $12,000
Western Governors University, Educational Leadership 13 courses $13,000

*Based on tuition, fees, and coursework listed on program websites

Comparative Costs for Accelerated Preparation Programs*

BYU Accelerated Preparation Program
(Second Master's Degree Awarded)
28 credits $10,000
Utah State University Administrative Concentration
(Licensure Only)
30 credits $12,000
Southern Utah University Ed. Leadership Licensure
(Licensure Only)
27 credits $10,000

*Based on tuition, fees, and coursework listed on program websites

Comparative Placement Rates for Programs in Utah*

Graduates working as school administrators Graduates working as school, district, or state administrator
Brigham Young University 53% 76%
University of Utah 41% 75%
Utah State University 47% 68%
Southern Utah University 39% 51%
Western Governors University 36% 51%

*Based on 2016–2017 Cactus Database


  • Support in finding and setting up internships
  • Ongoing visits and support by experienced internship supervisors
  • BYU provides training for your mentor principal
  • Internship opportunities in China and Houston

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  • 37 credits required for Executive School Leadership Track
  • 28 credits required for Accelerated Preparation Program Track
  • Must complete state-required 450 internship hours
  • Comprehensive oral and written exam conducted upon completion

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Application Process

Submit Program Application

Applications due February 2. Submit program application through Graduate Studies.

Submit Proper Documents
  • Grade Transcripts
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • Letter of Intent
  • *Graduate Record Exam Scores (GRE)

Competitive applicants will be invited to participate in a face-to-face interview on BYU campus

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*The Accelerated Placement Program does not require GRE score