Administrative Internships

An administrative internship is required for all students in the BYU School Leadership Program.

These internships are directed and administered by the internship coordinator, internship supervisors, and trained mentor principals in the schools. The internship supervisor is critical to the intern’s successful experience. Within this framework of support, the intern is responsible for successfully completing all internship requirements.

Internship Leadership Project (ILP). The Internship Leadership Project (ILP) is completed during the Administrative Internship. It is designed to provide you the opportunity to make a significant leadership contribution that will support systemic improvement of student learning and/or achievement of school goals.

According to BYU McKay School of Education policy, all School Leadership students must be properly identified with a BYU Educator Preparation Program (EPP) ID badge, also known as a BYU ID Badge, and provide evidence of fingerprint background clearance before accessing public/private K–12 schools in both partnership and non-partnership schools.