two teenage boys wearing graduation robes and smiling

"Sometimes the most simple measures bring about the greatest change."

What parents have said about their involvement in the Family H.O.P.E. Project

"Our graduate student found a way for us to work with our child and helped us to put the plan into action. She modeled it for us so we could see by example instead of just reading it in a book."

"The graduate student gave very specific guidelines on how to implement the program."

"We were able to decrease the frequency of the behavior and teach our child calming techniques to prevent the behavior."

"The support and accountability is very helpful to keep me motivated and focused on the behavior. Otherwise I can always do it tomorrow. Life is so busy."

What graduate students have said about their involvement in the Family H.O.P.E. Project

"I have seen the family work together as a unit to try to solve the problem behavior. I have seen them work hard and learn and to do their best to bring their family closer."

"One positive thing I felt from working with the family was to see the determination of the couple to work together to bring about a change in their child that will benefit them as a family. It was especially touching to see how much the father cared about doing the intervention."

"I have learned how to have patience and have more empathy for parents-especially single moms."

"I've really liked visiting with a very put-together mom who is doing a wonderful job keeping a house of six kids calm and loving. She has been a wonderful example of raising children with love and giving of herself. She has been a great example."

"I have learned that importance of determination. It would be so easy for the families to give up and just settle for the behaviors that the child has however the parent don't give up, and if they don't then I shouldn't either."