You Can Do This

Positive behavior support principles have been studied for their effect on helping parents and children achieve greater happiness in their families. You Can Do This: An Approach to Raising Wonderful Children is a review of positive behavior support principles from the perspectives of the parents who use them and the researchers who develop and study them.

The Beach Center on Disability

The website of the Beach Center on Disability provides positive behavior support strategies and tips for parents. This section of the website explains how family members can utilize the PBS strategies for their children in their home environment. It also provides tips for parents to help them be involved and actively participate in their children's behavior education at school.

The Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support

The website of the Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support provides 10 modules for learning positive behavior support and person-centered planning (PCP) skills: Introduction to PBS and PCP; Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis; Measurement and Design; Person-Centered and Wraparound Planning: Functional Behavior Assessment; Designing Positive Behavior Support Plans; Multi-Component Intervention Strategies; Emotional and Behavioral Health; Systems Change; and Facilitator Guidelines.

Office of Special Education Practices Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

This website includes a section to help families participate in the positive behavioral intervention and support process with school professionals. Included in this site are tools, videos, presentations, publications, and training materials.