The following resources have been developed to help teachers, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists, school social workers, and other school personnel to work more effectively with culturally/linguistically diverse students with disabilities and their families. These materials, provided at no cost, are in MS Word format so they can be adapted to fit individual needs. We do ask that users retain the source line for all of these documents, and if adapting them indicate in writing that they are adapted (e.g., Developed by Tina T. Dyches [2008] and adapted by __________ [2014]).

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The authors support their proposal by using one case study. A family with three children with autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder participated in the current study. All three children had challenging behaviors. Professionals met with the family to discuss the issues to be addressed in the study inviting all members of the family to participate. Functional assessment data collected identified the function of the problem behavior for each child. The mother of these children identified appropriate reinforcement according to the function of the problem behaviors to motivate her children to perform appropriate behaviors. Data collected showed positive changes in the children's behavior. Due to the parents' refusal to participate in the follow-up data collection, information obtained from the parents' reports was limited. It was apparent that they were satisfied with the support that was given to them as well as with the problem behavior decrease.