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Need SEEL training? We are here to help.

Use this online SEEL training directory to help you become familiar with SEEL and understand how you can use SEEL in your own classroom.

Introduction to SEEL

Here you will learn what SEEL is, why SEEL is needed, and what sets SEEL apart from other literacy approaches.

SEEL Fundamentals

Here you will learn the principles behind SEEL and will be instructed how to choose and teach a SEEL activity plan.

Teacher Development

Here you will learn teaching techniques to better facilitate a playful and engaging learning environment innovative within SEEL.

Classroom Implementation

Here you will learn how to implement SEEL into your school and classroom from start to finish.

What is SEEL?

Why is SEEL needed?

What sets SEEL apart?

Learning SEEL Principles

Choosing a SEEL Activity Plan

Teaching a SEEL Activity Plan

Engaging Young Children

Integrating the Arts

Parent Involvement

A Year with SEEL

Create Your Own