Importance of SEEL at home

It is important for teachers to provide an at-home program to support the lessons taught in class. Studies have shown that home support is the most influential factor in a child’s literacy success. Learning to read requires some risks and a lot of effort, and a caring, supportive home is the safest place to practice.

Therefore, SEEL has created meaningful activities that can be sent home to provide influential learning experiences outside of the classroom. These in-home applications of classroom learning, which can be found at the end of each activity plan, are designed to be quick and easy to fit into parents' busy schedules.

Watch a video about parent involvement. (This introduction to parents was filmed September 8, 2010, at the SEEL Parent Information Meeting held at Edgemont Elementary in Provo, UT.)

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Introduction to SEEL at Home

Parent involvement in and out of the classroom contributes to successful learning. Teachers using SEEL are encouraged to teach parents about SEEL, provide resources for SEEL at home, and involve parents in the classroom.

Parents whose children are not involved with a SEEL program at school may want to adapt some of the SEEL classroom activities to enhance and practice what their child is learning through other programs or methods. Parents are encouraged to use all the SEEL resources and at-home materials to create a strong, literacy-based home environment.

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