BS Application Requirements

The Communication Disorders (ComD) major is a limited enrollment program and 100 students are admitted to the major each year. Students interested in majoring in ComD should declare Pre-ComD as a major and will need to apply for admission to the ComD major after completing the prerequisite requirements.

How to Apply

When you have completed all three of the prerequisite courses, ComD 133, Stat 121, and PDBio 220, you may apply to the major by completing an "Application for Admission to the ComD Major" form. A copy of the application form may be obtained at the ComD department office (136 TLRB), the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB), or online.

A "pass" in an AP Stat course does not yield the letter grade which is required for evaluation of the application to the ComD major. A challenge examination from the Department of Statistics can provide the needed letter grade. The student should contact the Department of Statistics (223 TMCB) for specific information.

How are admissions decisions made?

Admission is based solely on the grade point average for the three prerequisite courses (ComD 133, Stat 121, and PDBio 220). In recent admissions, the GPAs have ranged from 4.0 (A) to 2.8 (B-) for the three classes with the mean being approximately 3.5. Students will be notified of an admission decision about two weeks after the last day of finals. During the last three admission cycles for the 2017-18 academic year we have admitted 102 students with the following average statistics:





Application Due Date

Applications are due on April 15, August 15, or December 15 of each year, with 45 applicants admitted in December and April and 10 admitted in August. Students who are taking the last of the prerequisite classes right before turning in an application may note that on the form, and the department will look up and enter the class grade when it becomes available. This allows a student to turn in an application before leaving for a semester break even though semester grades are not yet available.

What if a student is not admitted to the major?

Each of the three prerequisite classes may be repeated only once, and the student may re-apply. We advise a student who is turned down twice for admission to the ComD major to visit the University Advisement Center in the WSC or the McKay School’s Education Advisement Center office to learn about other possible majors.

For more information, see the ComD Undergraduate Handbook.