Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Communication Disorders is to advance knowledge and learning in science and clinical practice through research, teaching, and clinical service.

The department offers both undergraduate and graduate (MS) degrees in the discipline of communication disorders. The programs prepare students who have both strong academic knowledge in the field of communication disorders and a desire to apply this knowledge to remediate communication disorders across the life span.

The mission of the department thus aligns with institutional objectives of educating the minds and spirits of students, advancing truth and knowledge, and extending the blessings of this knowledge to individuals outside the university.


Undergraduate Program:

  • Students will be competent in normal anatomy and processes of language, speech, and hearing.

  • Students will receive an introduction to disorders, instrumentation, and data collection procedures in language, speech, and hearing.

  • Students will be prepared to enter graduate degree programs, which will allow them entry into the profession of speech-language pathology.

Graduate Program:

  • Students will recognize common communicative behaviors, conduct communication measurement, make clinical diagnoses, analyze client needs and make clinical decisions, implement appropriate assessment and treatment procedures for clients, understand research and its clinical application in the field, and understand different service delivery models in different settings, such as a hospital versus a school environment.

  • Students will be ethical and competent in their professional activities and will demonstrate respect for individuals with disabilities and for individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

  • Students will establish a foundation for continued learning and professional contribution in local, national, or international arenas through participation in clinical practice and research.