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Masters Graduation Requirements

Making progress toward graduation

The graduate program is designed to be completed in 2 years (4 semesters and 2 terms) by students who had a ComD undergraduate major. Students coming from a different undergraduate major usually take 3 years (6 semesters and 3 terms). Our department looks at your progress after each term, so that any concerns can be handled quickly. Progress is defined as acceptably passing classes (with a grade of B- or better), progressing toward thesis and clinic requirement completion, and passing the comprehensive exam.

Course performance expectation

You need to earn a grade of B- or better in any class for the class to count toward degree requirements. Courses with grades lower than B- will require remediation, and your progress for that term will be rated as unsatisfactory. In addition, it may be necessary to work with the instructor to assure competence in the deficient area(s).

Clinical hours

A minimum of 400 clinical hours are required by ASHA and for BYU graduation. The first 50 of these hours must be completed on-site at BYU before qualifying for any externship sites. Students then earn their remaining hours in at least two externship sites, generally one adult (typically a hospital or rehabilitation center) and one pediatric setting (which is typically a public school).

A site (extern site or BYU clinic) is a complete experience. You do not "get hours" at your convenience; you work as a professional at a site on that site's terms until the experience is complete. Your cooperation with site requirements helps the ComD department to maintain harmonious relationships with the various sites, and it also helps you have a less fragmented, more satisfying and useful experience.

Your clinical progress is assessed by the clinic director, with input from on- or off-site supervisors. Progress ratings are based on a list of global and specific competencies, as described in the Speech and Language Clinic Handbook.

You are responsible to insure that your practicum hours are safely recorded in the ComD department office.

The Exit Interview

Each student must have an exit interview with the department chair. This interview is scheduled in advance of the graduation deadline (but after completion of your thesis defense) to allow a review of your file, including the checking of clinical requirement completion. The department chair interviews you about the quality and appropriateness of your graduate experience and collects any suggestions you wish to offer.


Students who have passed the ASHA-Praxis exam and their thesis oral defense prior to the graduation ceremony may walk in the MSE Convocation and have their names read, even if they have not met the university deadline for graduation that term.

Everything must be done by the graduation deadlines for the term you plan to finish, including your thesis being approved and submitted to the library, or you'll have to pay for two hours registration in the subsequent term.

Current Ecclesiastical Endorsement

A student's ecclesiastical endorsement must be current throughout their program. Note that if your graduation is delayed, an additional endorsement may need to be filed to remain current.