Application Questions

How do I find/pick which graduate schools to apply to?

There are a variety of factors to consider when determining which universities you would like to apply to for graduate school. Some things include the tuition cost, living expenses in that area, and program-specific graduation requirements. You may also want to consider what specialties professors may have at that school. While you may not formally specialize in something as an SLP/AuD, you may have particular interests and it could be beneficial to find professors who can mentor you in that area. Keep in mind that some schools have rolling applications meaning the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to be accepted.
You can also use ASHA EdFind to search for different schools:

How do I find/pick which graduate schools to apply to?

Most graduate school application deadlines are between November and February if you want to start graduate school in the fall. Professors will be writing lots of letters for other students, so it’s ideal to give professors plenty of notice; it is considerate to ask them to write a letter at least two months in advance of the application deadline. Professors request different support materials from you to help them write the letter such as a transcript, a resume, and other items. Each professor will have their own way they like to do things. Be sure to work with them and remember they are doing you an enormous favor so try to be organized and respectful.

What if I don’t get into graduate school?

The graduate school admission process is extremely competitive across the nation. It helps to pick schools to which you have similar statistics to previously accepted applicants. This information can be found on a school or program’s website. If you do not receive any acceptances, there are many options, but you have to find the one that is best suited to your situation. Retaking the GRE, retaking some college courses to boost your GPA, working and gaining experience in the field, asking for new letters of recommendation, or applying to different schools are all options that could increase your chance of acceptance if you should apply again.