We are pleased that you are considering applying to the BYU Communication Disorders Master’s program. We hope the following information will be helpful to you.

The application process is all online through the Graduate Studies application portal, where you will find additional information and guidance. You will be able to upload all of your documents and request your letters of recommendation to be submitted through this portal. Our department application deadline is January 15th every year (11:59pm). Please make sure that all your information is complete, and your ecclesiastical endorsement has been submitted. We no longer require the GRE.

In your personal statement, we want you to help us learn more about you. Tell us what strengths you have, what has made you choose this academic path, and why you believe the SLP graduate program at BYU will be a good fit for your future career goals.  We will look at applicants’ work and life experiences, past classes and grades, and comments from previous instructors to obtain a holistic view of the applications as we make our admission decisions.

Applicant files will be reviewed and evaluated by a subcommittee of three academic and clinical faculty from the ComD department.  From this review, a subset of applicants will be invited to participate in an interview over Zoom with a three-person panel composed of a member of the graduate faculty, clinical faculty, and a current graduate student matriculating in ComD.  Applicants may also be asked to provide a brief written response to a prompt provided at the time of the interview.

Applicants will be notified by email and through the BYU graduate studies website regarding their acceptance or denial into the program, and will have until April 15th to accept the University’s offer of admission.  After April 15th, the offer may be withdrawn by the department.


If you have any questions about the application process, please email beth_nisar@byu.edu.

The BYU Communication Disorders master’s degree is an in-person program. There is no online/remote option available.