Externships and Clinical Fellowships

What is an externship?

Clinical experience opportunities vary between schools. ASHA requires students to earn 400 clinical hours during graduate school (https://www.asha.org/certification/certification-standards-for-slp-clinical-practicum/) but the process of completing these hours may vary. At BYU, externship opportunities take place during your second year of graduate school. You’ll work in a clinical setting outside of the university to gain experience in the field. This is also a great time to discover which settings you enjoy and prefer.

What is a Clinical fellowship year?

After you graduate, you will have a master’s degree. However, in order to be clinically certified by ASHA, you need to complete a clinical fellowship year under the supervision of another licensed and ASHA certified SLP. Once this is complete, you can obtain your certification of clinical competence from ASHA.