COMD Syllabus Statement for Guided Clinical Observation Hours

Guided Clinical Observation Hours are a Speech Language Pathology certification requirement. Detailed information on the requirements and purpose of these hours is found in the 2020 ASHA CFCC Speech-Language Pathology Certification Standard V-C.

In several courses throughout the undergraduate ComD program, there will be the opportunity to earn guided clinical observation hours in accordance with ASHA standards. Guided clinical observation hours earned during that semester must be signed and verified in the semester in which they are earned. The supervisor signature must be obtained by the last day of finals for that semester.

To earn these clinical observation hours the student has the responsibility to actively participate in observing and debriefing with a certified supervisor. A document that can be used to track your hours can be found here.

It is the student's responsibility to document and retain the records of their observation hours - not the class professor/supervisor's.