The Virtual Audiometer was developed by the Department of Communication Disorders in conjunction with the Center for Instructional Design at Brigham Young University for the purpose of helping professors teach audiometric testing faster and more efficiently. This highly interactive software re-creates the audiometric testing process in remarkable detail, dramatically reducing learning time without compromising the value of live patient-to-practitioner interaction.

Virtual Audiometer for the Student

The student version of the Virtual Audiometer gives access to thousands of customizable virtual patients and provides endless opportunities to practice audiometric testing skills. Virtual patients can also be designed by the instructor to offer specific testing opportunities. The Virtual Audiometer provides the following important testing protocols:

Pure tone air conduction
Bone conduction
Speech reception threshold
Speech discrimination (word recognition)

Because the patients are virtual, students can practice testing any time of day, anywhere they have access to a computer. Students test virtual children, adults, and elderly patients of both genders who, just like real patients, can become distracted, make mistakes, and get tired. However, unlike real patients they never miss appointments, don't mind staying longer for more testing, and never require compensation. In short, the Virtual Audiometer provides all the benefits of live patients without the prohibitive cost or time investment.

The Virtual Audiometer allows students to:

  • Test any type of patient with any type of hearing problem
  • Plot and track masking plateaus
  • Print out audiometric results, masking plateaus, and case histories
  • Select and practice different modes of presentation (earphones, supra-aural phones, insert phones, sound fields, mastoid or forehead bone conduction)
  • Email results to and receive electronic feedback from professors

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Virtual Audiometer for the Instructor

The Virtual Audiometer is the most efficient way to accurately teach, track, and test students as they learn routine audiometric testing skills. The instructor version of the Virtual Audiometer gives you access to three programs: The Virtual Audiometer, the Profile Maker, and the Session Viewer. Each of these programs is designed to help tailor learning opportunities that allow you to target specific testing needs and give meaningful, individualized feedback. Follow the links below to learn more about the instructor features of the Virtual Audiometer.

Profile Maker
Session Viewer
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