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School Overview

Available Courses

Course Course title When offered Category
EDLF 672 Research Methods First fall Required
EDLF 640 Quantitative Reasoning 1 First fall Required
EDLF 650 Education Policy First fall Required
EDLF 641 Quantitative Reasoning 2 First winter Required
ELDF 622 Law and Education First winter Required
EDLF 621 Economics and Education Second fall Required
EDLF 602 Strategic Leadership for School Programs Second fall Required
EDLF 665 Evaluation and Assessment of School Programs First winter Core choice
EDLF 646 Qualitative Inquiry 1 Second fall Core choice
EDLF 661 Education and International Development Winter, every year Elective
EDLF 662 Comparative Education Winter, even years Elective
EDLF 668 Philosophical Foundation of Western Education Spring, every year Elective
EDLF 614 Education of Diverse Populations Summer, every year Elective
EDLF 670R Seminar in Education: Current Topics Winter, odd years Elective
EDLF 655 Social History of American Education Fall, even years Elective
EDLF 657 Language, Policy, and Education Fall, odd years Elective
EDLF 663 Education, Culture, and Economic Development Spring, even years Elective